Now that my heated bed on my Printrbot Simple Metal is working great (printing super flat and bonding well) with blue painter’s tape… there is the annoying habit of it being very attached to the aluminium build plate.

So, breaking out the 3DEeZ print surface coating stuff I got from Tony so many months ago, and applied it.

Unlike how Richard Horne did it on his blog, where he applied it in 2-3 layers laid down perpendicular to one another, I laid mine down in one solid sheet, using a painter’s tape border to ensure I had a good even height. This was applied directly to the Printrbot Simple Metal heated bed.

Did a 4.5 hour print on the surface(90C) and it came out perfect the first time! What? nice!

At the end of the print, I let the bed drift down from 90C to around 60-70C and with a very light bit of force, the print just popped off of the 3D EeZ surface. Seriously, popped off. That surface is good for more prints. Best money I ever spent. If you have a heated bed, this is good stuff.


PLA printed at 200C, bed at 90C. Print layers: 0.2mm, nozzle: 0.6mm.

Wing Wong, Bright Roll, Inc.

I do a lot of prototyping with high temp materials personally and for the medical device company I work for. I’ve recently switched my primary printer, the MendelMax3 from PEI to 3d Eez

Isaac Arciaga

I tested 3D-EeZ for the first time last night, and the night before. It has performed very well. ABS sticks for the duration of long prints, only very mild lifting at some small features on sharp corners. The parts released exceptionally well once the bed cooled. The coating seems very resilient and should perform well across many prints.

The only difficult part was spreading it evenly on second and third coats.

It would seem the material begins to react to the previously dried layers quickly causing it to harden more quickly than the first coat.
Thank you yes it will last for many prints making it most economical and reliable right

Also the printed parts seem less likely to lift the coating off the glass like it does with my old method (hairspray on glass).

I am a convert, you make a great product.

Eric Lien