How do I use 3D-EeZ?

A properly applied build plate film will last for many, many prints. Follow the instructions below to start making better builds!

Always clean your build plate before applying 3D-EeZ. Use alcohol, ethanol, acetone, or even dish soap.

Do you have a heated build plate?

Heat your build plate to 55 degrees C. Paint on a thin layer of 3D-EeZ. Wait until it turns translucent. Repeat as desired, up to 3 layers (for large builds or difficult materials). Once the 3D-EeZ has cured fully, print as usual. Finished parts will remove easily at a bed temperature of 28 degrees C.

Do you have a non-heated build plate?

Apply 3D-EeZ to your build plate. Allow to cure until it turns translucent. To speed up the process, try placing your build plate in front of a fan or in direct sunlight. Add additional layers as needed.

How do I calibrate my printer with 3D-EeZ?

It’s remarkably similar to calibrating for other bed surfaces/preparations! We recommend using precise tools, such as a feeler gauge . Paper/Post-It notes work OK too. Once the 3D-EeZ film has cured, calibrate your extruder to a distance of 0.1mm from the surface of the 3D-EeZ. Print as usual.

Additional videos of 3D-EeZ in action:

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